Our School Held the Graduation Ceremony for 2022 International Students


On the afternoon of June 15, our school held a graduation ceremony for 2022 international students. President Yang Jinsong and Vice President Yao Qingwen attended the ceremony, and Dean Fei Jianming of the Institute of Overseas Education presided over the ceremony.

In his speech, Yang Jinsong congratulated all the graduates and expressed his heartfelt thanks and high respect to the teachers who worked hard to cultivate foreign students. Yang Jinsong encouraged the overseas students to grasp the development opportunities of the digital, networked and intelligent era, work hard, make great achievements, draw a good meticulous painting of life, and pursue greater life value in the vast world. It is hoped that students will constantly strive for self-improvement and transcendence in practice, and strive to become practitioners of innovation and entrepreneurship and trendsetters of world development. It is hoped that students can learn well, bring their advantages and potential into full play, and integrate their personal development into the flood of global development. It is hoped that students will undertake the historical mission of building their own country after returning home, become ambassadors of international friendship, and contribute their youth to the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Zhang Shugui, the vice president and head teacher of the Institute of Overseas Education, sent a message to the graduates that although the study has ended, the way to study continues. No matter how far the students go, the teachers will stay with you. The alma mater will always pay attention to the development of the students. I hope you can go back to your alma mater often.

The representative of the graduates, Tate, made a speech. She reviewed her study and life in school, thanked the teachers and students for their meticulous care, and said that she would use the knowledge and truth she learned to become an envoy of friendship between China and foreign countries.

Fan Qiaofang, the representative of the dormitory administrator, made a speech. She shared every bit of her life in the dormitory with the foreign students and wished the graduates a better future.

In 2022, there will be 38 international students from 7 countries graduating from the university. Yang Jinsong will issue graduation certificates to the graduates one by one and take a group photo.

Heads of relevant departments, leaders of secondary colleges and all international students of 2022 attended the graduation ceremony. (Reviewed by Tan Zhuping, Fei Jianming, Qiu Cheng, Li Ying)